serenity - our new range is all about sustainable athleisure. we are aware of the impact we have on people's lives and on the environment. this is why with our latest collection we are focused on all things good for us and for the earth. we only use thread produced by a company that plants trees to off-set its carbon emissions, and selected the best hemp & bamboo fabrics, organically produced cotton, recycled spandex and south african merino wool for the styles in this range. we even have a xero waste jersey in the mix - which means, well, we waste no unnecessary fabric. plus - all our off cuts are used for accessories. PLUS, you can be sure, we produce all products locally, and in so doing create jobs and uplift our economy. so, we invite you, to take a moment, to breathe, to take good care of yourself, and your surroundings --> this season, we will power down to power further, and unapologetically, MOVEPRETTY. #sustainable #unapologetic #serenity #collection