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ladies, we are so very excited to share an incredible new initiative we have specially created for you - love yourself more - a holistic lifestyle guide in a box #lym #lymbox #lymprettymovement 

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this all-in-one lifestyle box is filled to the brim with all you need to care for your body and mind, and treat yourself at the same time. it’s not about quick fixes or unattainable goals. we have carefully curated a holistic wellness kit that includes some of our favourite wellness products, recipes, spoils, mentors and tools required for building a balanced, healthy and sustainable active lifestyle.

repeat after us, #selfcare

 healthy, active, active wear, lifestyle, MOVEPRETTY, tropsie, blogger, blog, blogging

we accept the whole package with love. unconditionally. unapologetically.

loving ourselves means having a deep appreciation for who we are as women. it means accepting all of our quirky habits, the parts that embarrass us, the parts we don’t like and all of the amazing strengths and qualities we possess at the same time. we do not have to wait until we reach our goal weight, get the dream job or relationship we want or whatever it may be before we can love and accept ourselves. part of loving and accepting ourselves is choosing to care for ourselves and valuing ourselves enough to treat ourselves every now and again.


healthy, active, active wear, lifestyle, MOVEPRETTY, tropsie, blogger, blog, blogging

 one of the things that we find most inspirational is women supporting women.

ladies, let’s be real, we all lead busy and fast paced lives where there is often little time and energy left at the end of the day to care for ourselves. as a team of women, movepretty knows just how challenging it can be to live a healthy active life, even when we have all the best intentions in the world. this is why we want to empower ladies to make this an attainable and effortless part of their daily lives.

we have carefully curated a wellness guide that we feel will assist you in build a balanced, healthy, active and happy life. in this kit we will be sharing some of our absolute favourite local products, recipes, surprise spoils, tools, and insight from a few of our favourite mentors. these items speak to 5 key areas that empower happy and active women; pretty active, pretty spoilt, pretty mindful, pretty nourished and of course, pretty dressed.

this month’s contributors to our lym box is as follows:

- pretty active : candibod / bod fit club ebook (three week version)
- pretty spoilt: women’s health magazine, but first - body scrub, knot. - hair scarves, sexy socks - pair of bamboo socks and Alexa Lily - “notes” from their minimalist notebook range
- pretty mindful : dr ade van heerden former miss sa - "a guide to living a more fulfilling and goal orientated life”.
- pretty nourished : sugarfree sunday’s recipe + macro mixes premixes & porridge’s & lisa raleigh's super scoop superfood sachets and recipe book.
- pretty dressed: movepretty twist it tank


healthy, active, active wear, lifestyle, MOVEPRETTY, tropsie, blogger, blog, blogging 

“the way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” iyanla vanzant

ladies, we can accomplish amazing things when we support each other, when we do it together. this box of surprises is our little, or not so little, way of partnering with you on this healthy, happy self-love journey. it is our way of empowering you to love yourself actively and unconditionally. Let’s do this healthy, active and happy thing together, let’s support and encourage ourselves and other ladies at the same time. let’s love ourselves more, actively, unconditionally.



healthy, active, active wear, lifestyle, MOVEPRETTY, tropsie, blogger, blog, blogging

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