MOVEPRETTY the active side of keeping healthy


MOVEPRETTY the active side of keeping healthy

we are big fans of keeping healthy in an active, pretty way, so along with our healthy eating -remember our pretty smoothies? -we love love LOVE working out with our favourite trainers at reset fitness! we’re into our second year training with them now, and we’re feeling stronger than ever. our pretty team bounces between pilates with kim, hiit with kevin, as well as hiit and weight training with geoff, they have new wonderful members to the team too, heidi and seth.



what can we recommend for you? well, speaking from our own experience, find a place where you feel at home, in the sense that you are comfortable, and simultaneously challenged and encouraged to do your best. at reset, we laugh, we sweat, we sing to the music, we lose our breath, we learn, and we sweat some more! it has never been easier to work out, and believe it or not, but we actually look forward to it.


so, what are our favourite exercises from the classes?
in hiit we hop onto the spinning bikes, or rowing machine as a warm up, we do arm work with the trs straps, we do squats, we throw and lift the weighted workout balls, we punch and kick our trainers kick boxing style, we spend time on the mat in pilates working our core to no end. deadlifts, bench presses you name it, we do the weight, hiit or core workout. our trainers are creative, outgoing, fun and dedicated. we leave the classes feeling numb, but full of life, energized, strong, and ready to create pretty success in every area of our pretty lives.
what can you take from this?
exercise changes your life, you will feel light and uplifted channelling energy into a workout routine, giving you the chance to thrive in every pretty way from your work to your home. we try two-three times a week for our more intense workouts, such as hiit, one-two pilates sessions, and our own hikes or runs in between, which bring in a bit of pretty nature therapy too. it’s all about what works best for you, tap into the space where you are challenged and find enjoyment in it.
one more piece of advice, we know how busy a day can be, but as prettymovers, we need to remember the importance of self-love and care, as it goes, keeping our pretty cups full, we can fill others. having our eating and active life in a place we are happy with, will do so much to ensure we keep our selves nurtured, and thus our pretty cups filled to the brim!
a big thanks to the very pretty winette hattingh from winnette hattingh photography, for capturing us in our element training at reset, what pretty fun this was!
blog post written by tori packer.

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