ladies, ladies, ladies! the big announcement is here!
 MOVEPRETTY is pleased to announce our #MOVEPRETTYambassador2018 ladies. 
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it was a long and difficult decision for our judging panel to choose the perfect women that would promote and inspire others to embrace the #prettymovement.
please put your pretty hands together for our ambassadors of 2018.
first up is the stunning and inspirational anruné weyers. she is a passionate, energetic paralympic athlete and a teacher at i-learn development centre. “i strive to embrace each moment that is given.”
her favourite quote is, “being normal is overrated” -  bethany hamilton.
“i am different and i am embracing that. i am given opportunities and i take them with heart and ‘one big hand’”.
next up, we have the radiant alise ferreira. she is originally from a farming community in the eastern cape. she grew up loving and living outdoors, but she moved to the mother city about 5 years ago for her studies. “i live a well-balanced lifestyle, maintaining a healthy mental and physical well-being whilst attending to my studies and setting aside quality with family and friends. i am an avid traveller, foodie and adventure seeker.”
introducing next, the fierce veronica markus. she is originally from upington, but has lived in pretoria since 2011. she is a rifleman in the sandf (south african national defence force). being in the force has taught her a lot about herself – she is strong mentally and physically. she loves being active and busy. after joining the military she trained more and focused more on her fitness.
“i started realizing how amazing the human body is and what is amazing to me, how i can achieve anything i set my mind on.”
one of her favourite quotes are; “life has no remote. get up and change it yourself.”
the vibrant and creative stephanie de jager, is up next. she is a full time fashion and wedding photographer based in cape town. she has a passion for photography, fashion, wildlife, the outdoors and empowering others to follow their dreams and work hard to make it a reality. she has been active all her life until she started working as an auditing and accounting clerk. she believed that she was too busy to train and made unhealthy choices, because there was no time to prepare a healthy meal. “one of my first ‘choosing health’ decisions was to resign as an auditing clerk and I began focusing on my love and passion – photography.” she still has a very busy schedule, but makes time to eat healthy and to exercise. she is an advocate for women to eat healthy and to exercise and to be overall happy and healthy.
last but not least is the power mommy, chubekile ntloko, also known as “chube” - from the vibrant city of port elizabeth. she is compassionate, loving and free-spirited with a great desire in sharing life’s journey with others, particularly motherhood. fitness plays a big role in her life and she has a great passion for cooking. she is the inspirational writer and blogger behind the single mom blog.
she is confident and comfortable with herself. she enjoys writing, beach walks and home cooking with her son. “i’m all about empowering women as i have realized how the future is really female and it’s up to each woman to uplift and develop those that come after them.
we are also very excited to announce the sponsors that will be partnering with us to help our ambassadors keep up their active and healthy living lifestyles.
athleisure activewear movepretty proudlysouthafrican leisure unapologetic classy active pretty movemen
wazoogles will be sponsoring superfood protein shakes to help our ambassadors stay energized and ready to workout. gavin and warren are brothers and the owners of this innovative and unique product. they developed something that is packed with all of the essential minerals and nutrients. these products make you feel amazing, but is also delicious and quick to make. the wazoogles brothers focuses on the convenience, health and tatse. they wanted to share their knowledge and passion and to also make this lifestyle accessible to everyone and this is their first step.
athleisure activewear movepretty proudlysouthafrican leisure unapologetic classy active pretty movemen
african extracts rooibos is sponsoring each ambassador with a hamper filled with rooibos goodness to keep the girls fresh and ready for the day. african extracts began in 2000 in cape town. rob tiffin developed a rooibos-based skin-care range for the european market. in 2004 the range was launched in south african pharmacies and grew. as the retail footprint has expanded to major supermarkets and pharmaceutical companies, african extracts rooibos has become the top-selling local skin-brand in its category. the key ingredient in all african extracts skin-care products is an advanced bio-active extract from the fresh, green rooibos plants harvested in the cederberg mountaints. the extract is organic and is also known around the world as a soothing health tea.
buttanut is a proudly south African nut butter producer that hand-crafts a series of authentic tree nut spreads using only local & natural ingredients. “our philosophy about food is based on the belief that food matters. It matters to our health, our happiness, and the well being of the planet. food should be delicious, nutritious, and good for all those involved in producing it.” antoine van heerden, owner
athleisure activewear movepretty proudlysouthafrican leisure unapologetic classy active pretty movemen
simply granola will be sponsoring their amazing granola to each of these lovely ladies to kick start their day the healthy way. simply granola was created in 2016 out a love for all things healthy & wholesome. the owner, nicola, believes that each day should be celebrated with an active start. “i have used a conscious selection of good-for-you ingredients that promise greatness with every mouthful. I do single batch baking and take all the granolas from production to packaging by hand myself.” it truly is produced with heart and delivered with care.

sanp (sa natural products) will be providing our ambassadors health products and nutritional supplements. sa natural products is a leader in bringing top quality herbal and homeopathic remedies, gluten-free foods, tea tree bodycare and nutritional supplements to health consumers in South Africa. The company celebrates 30 years of existence this year and is committed to deliver top quality products while promoting the living naturally lifestyle. SANP is home to well-known brands such as bio-strath, a vogel, threshhold, thursday plantation tea tree oil and orgran - committed to bring quality of life to the world.”


we welcome you all to the prettymovement - now let’s MOVEPRETTY!!

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