taking on 2018, the MOVEPRETTY way.

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if there is one quality a prettymover holds, it is drive. we are women driven to do better, in our professions, in our homes, and regarding our health. this means lots to think about at all times, particularly at the beginning of a new year. this is a time where we plan our next achievements, chasing after bigger, brighter and prettier goals, or making up for those we ran out of time to reach in the previous year. all these dreams are good, so long as they drive us in a pretty, positive, life-constructive way. how do we ensure this happens? remember these pretty points.
- PRETTY time management
there is only so much time in a day, month or year, each moment counts for different reasons. make sure each moment is whole-heartedly given to each of your priorities, be it your career demands, fitness goals, family time or putting your pretty feet up! as we’ve been told since we were little girls, there is a time and a place for everything.
prettymovement #classyactive #urbanluxe #athleisure #shoppretty #activewear #prettymovers #prettycommunity
- PRETTY balance
it is so easy to be swept up in the chaos of deadlines, and our health as a whole may tend to take a back seat. we also may develop hyper-focused goals, with no peripheral vision. here, it is wise to remember that although you may be able to achieve more goals in a shorter space of time, your body may take a hit if you take it too far. you will be able to achieve more quality, worthwhile goals if you maintain a level of balance each day. be a pretty boss babe who makes time to smell the roses!
- PRETTY smart goals
specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, time-constrained. doran, muller and cunningham knew what they were talking about when they designed this planning model. taking the time to properly draw up our goals gives ourselves a foolproof route to success. with the right direction, we’ll save time and energy avoiding getting lost in the spaces that aren’t conducive to success. this means more time for pretty things!
prettymovement #classyactive #urbanluxe #athleisure #shoppretty #activewear #prettymovers #prettycommunity
- take a PRETTY breath
whether this may be an evening walk or run, admiring the sunset, picking flowers from the garden, a yoga class, or reading a novel; find time in the day for the pretty things that you love. this precious time is the fuel that helps you be at your best throughout the rest of your pretty commitments. and of course, it goes without saying that getting your pretty sleep each night helps you live more happily, effectively and efficiently, your pretty mind relies on it!
prettymovement #classyactive #urbanluxe #athleisure #shoppretty #activewear #prettymovers #prettycommunity
we wish you all of the best taking on 2018, go out and make pretty things happen in the world!
words by prettymover, tori packer

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