the perfect date

right ladies, this ons is short and sweet.
the prefect date: according to google
“perfect is a date with laughter ... perfect is a date when you feel good in each other's company. no matter if it's a coffee date, a dinner date, a movie date, a walk in the park, or whatever. you just feel good together”
furthermore, we went on to explore: a few valentine date ideas: here’s a few
  • explore a new neighbourhood in town
  • go to a diner, or for dinner ;)
  • play games, any.
  • volunteer together. 
  • do a walking tour; historical, insightful, artsy, or winetasting.
  • have brunch (if you are funemployed).
  • go outside, and wander.
  • get ice cream.
  • grab a movie
the list continues, but if you’re a prettymover, we would sayyyy: outdoor for the win.
go ziplining, at one of the 7 locations canopy tours sa have in south africa, and prepare to fall in love, all over again. did someone say love is in the air?
big shout-out to canopy tours sa and asics, for partnering with us, the prettymovement, to ensure the best valentine’s giveaway to date. nothing like fresh air, wind through your hair, endorphins on your feet and the prettiest of prettymoves to celebrate the month of love.

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