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what it means to be a #PRETTYMOVER

we asked you what it means to be a prettymover.
you answered
 Movepretty, classyactive, athleisure, proudlysouthfrican, love local, urbanluxe,
kirsten - to be content with yourself and your body because nobody really knows what perfect is or how it looks. it differs from person to person. you move in your own pretty
antoinette - looking pretty while you move :) your clothing is well designed - functional and good looking so whatever your shape, size and fitness levels, you’ll look pretty (and comfy) while you get your move on. any maybe you’ll feel more motivated to move wearing something pretty.
tracy - to move pretty, it's not about superficial appearance, it's about wearing clothing that is empowering, that makes you feel your best, feel comfortable and move confidently. moving pretty is moving to your version and definition of pretty ❤❤❤
Movepretty, classyactive, athleisure, proudlysouthfrican, love local, urbanluxe,
melissa - it means to encourage everyone around you and to define your own idea of perfection and become it. it's to always stay focus and keep your eye on the prize. it's to never give up- on yourself and your future self. it's to believe there is more and to reach that goal! ❤#prettymover
marezaan - to look like that actual babe, you are while getting your sweat on. who does not want to look gorgeous while working out? #moveprettyforthewin
caitlin - to be confident in your skin and proud of your progress. to radiate energy so much that it encourages others to do the same. to embody the phrase "look good, feel good" in every possible way. #whowouldntwanttobeaprettymover 
Movepretty, classyactive, athleisure, proudlysouthfrican, love local, urbanluxe,
bella - to me it means to love every inch of yourself and everyone else no matter what. it means to treat yourself with respect and radiate your love wherever you go. to be a pretty mover is to help others love themselves by leading by example, staying dedicated and always loving every mistake or achievement you come across.
rouxle - fit, fun & fab - the three things that make me #movepretty
to me, an active and healthy lifestyle brings confidence, courage, balance and happiness to my busy life. whether you’re a professional or an amateur fitness queen - movepretty gives me the confidence to feel beautiful and sassy, no matter what i’m doing. #imovepretty, let’s movepretty together! 
joharita - to me movepretty means that even if you struggle with body confidence, you're not alone, because i honestly think there will never be a time in your life when you are honestly completely happy with your because you will always want to be more fit or more skinny but the truth is that there's plenty to be proud of. our bodies undergo amazing feats of physical engineering every minute of every day that we're alive. appreciate the complexities of what's going on beneath the surface and you'll be hard-pressed to criticize it! you guys at @movepretty so much for everyday girls and i just want to thank you for that. please don't stop inspiring.❤
Movepretty, classyactive, athleisure, proudlysouthfrican, love local, urbanluxe,




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