This season we are bringing you the most dreamy prints and colours, encapsulated by the word Gardenia. 

You will see a subtle Butterflies print, abstract florals, soft greens, subtle nudes and deep blues - all tying together to form a refreshing, lush garden. 

Lounge Wear is still trending and we ensure you look great whilst feeling at your ultimate comfortable best. 

And back by very big demand, is our Meg Running Bra, which won Best Debut Award 2019 by Runner's World, and has been featured on two Runner's World Covers (and should we add, one Australian Cover!). This Running Bra is fully functional, and not only pretty. We asked professional, Olympic athletes to give their approval - and she passed with flying colours. 

Indulge yourself this season, in a garden of abundant beauty and MOVEPRETTY with us. 

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