so, what's the deal about athleisure?

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the deal about athleisure

the most complex part of athleisure is trying to figure out how to pronounce the word. athleisure in itself is another story, and this is part of the reason why the trend is booming, and might not fade in the near future.
simply put, “athleisure” is the combination of athletic wear and comfortable casual wear (or leisure). however, nowadays it’s more than just a combination of these two categories. it’s an entirely new trend of its own, influenced by active and casual wear and glued together by style and ease. some of the biggest names in fashion endorse the trend and it poses as street style that is interwoven within the fashion scene. major active wear brands collaborate with the young, famous and not-so-professionally-athletic stars, with the intention to promote athleisure (think puma and cara delevigne). so, what is it that makes this hybrid trend so influential?
for us common folk, the attraction is the key characteristic of versatility. for a yoga session, a business lunch, a trip to town, catching up with a friend… it seems to be an acceptable and fashionable option. in a fast-paced world where efficiency is important, the trend goes hand-in-hand with the everyday person. It is much easier and time-efficient to get from A to B when all you need to do is accessorize appropriately for the occasion and still look fabulous.
what the world of fashion has to offer, in terms of athleisure, is an entire spectrum of choices. it’s actually more than just wearing yoga pants day and night (even though we would like to do that). it involves two approaches: an array of styles that aren’t necessarily synonymous to active wear, made specifically from performance fabrics. then, it also includes the usual active wear styles, enhanced with attention to detail and merged with current trends. it’s very easy to get the trend wrong. but when you decide to give it a go and you’ve forgotten about everything you’ve just read, always keep the following in mind on your next shopping venture: fashionable and functional, and you’re good to go.
that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve here at MOVEPRETTY. we are a couple of go-getters who work hard to achieve our goals. the ladies of MOVPRETTY still aim to dress stylishly at the same time and it’s this mindset we’d like MOVEPRETTY to promote. our new range, #prettySUMMERY18 embodies proudly south african detail, floral and botanical print, attention to functionality (of course), and exciting new additions that you haven’t seen before. think training swimwear, new legging styles, pops of colour and the perfect prints to wear in summer.
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keep an eye out on our social media for our new range, and remember to #MOVEPRETTY.
written by monique le roux
blog: miss mode
photography: chris joubert photography

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