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getting up, getting started

   the hardest part is starting  hello prettymovers,   we all know what it’s like to have a nice little sleep in, to delay going to that gym class you’ve been thinking of trying, or staying inside instead of that run out in the chilly weather. these little moments can add up faster than we’d like to admit, especially in a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow much time for exercise! it’s perfectly fine to have these moments, in fact, it’s important that we do, but they feel a whole lot less guilty if we have worked hard, and know our bodies have been looked after beforehand!   starting to live a healthy lifestyle means breaking through that initial “it...

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so, what's the deal about athleisure?

    the deal about athleisure the most complex part of athleisure is trying to figure out how to pronounce the word. athleisure in itself is another story, and this is part of the reason why the trend is booming, and might not fade in the near future.   simply put, “athleisure” is the combination of athletic wear and comfortable casual wear (or leisure). however, nowadays it’s more than just a combination of these two categories. it’s an entirely new trend of its own, influenced by active and casual wear and glued together by style and ease. some of the biggest names in fashion endorse the trend and it poses as street style that is interwoven within the fashion scene....

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131 Herbert Baker Boutique Hotel

 MOVEPRETTY in gauteng when I travel, i want to be sure that my accommodation offers me a “home-away-from-home”. i knew Fashion Week would keep me really busy, and I that I would need to come home to a place of absolute tranquility. this trip was the same as every other one, so i wanted to make sure i had the chance to explore a new and luxurious hotel.   browsing through 100 different accommodation websites, i stumbled upon 131 on Herbert Baker. ladies, i don’t think you have ever seen such a view of Pretoria. So of course, I was sold, and booked on the spot! best decision this year ;) ready to Fashion Week, in style!   upon arrival, i...

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