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the hardest part is starting 
hello prettymovers,
we all know what it’s like to have a nice little sleep in, to delay going to that gym class you’ve been thinking of trying, or staying inside instead of that run out in the chilly weather. these little moments can add up faster than we’d like to admit, especially in a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow much time for exercise! it’s perfectly fine to have these moments, in fact, it’s important that we do, but they feel a whole lot less guilty if we have worked hard, and know our bodies have been looked after beforehand!
starting to live a healthy lifestyle means breaking through that initial “it can wait” mentality. 
 how did we start our workout ethos in the office? we made it fun, of course. our MOVEPRETTY ladies train together at reset fitness boutique gym, twice a week. not only does accountability come into play, but there is ample opportunity for giggles and laughs, as we work on feeling healthier, and healthier together. we all had to start somewhere, committing to being active together has only had positive results, and it keeps leading to exciting things! we’re signed up together for marathons, we can feel ourselves getting stronger, and we are feeling so happy about it all. so find your spot, find your niche of exercise, find the time and place where working out can be fun, and find something you can look forward to. this will make getting up a little earlier that much more bearable, you’ll be eager to start that class, and weather will mean little when there is fun to be had!
there’s nothing like having a sleep in after a week filled with healthy, positive experiences, it’s satisfying, and doesn’t have to hold an ounce of guilt. it is possible to make this change of mind, and it can start as small as checking the schedule at gym for something that grabs you most. put the times up on your fridge and just go! see it as time to make yourself happier, and not a chore. we promise starting to be healthy is the beginning of an amazing adventure. do it now, do it for you and start MOVEPRETTY.
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blogger: tori packer
photography: chris joubert photography

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  • Atelle Steenkamp

    Julle movepretty maak die karoo vrou se hart baie happy!!! Mal oor julle klere!!

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